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Welcome Home

A message from Bryan Moore with the Chamber of Commerce...

We're Glad You are Here...

On behalf of the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, we welcome you home!

Beyond the beauty, beyond the natural resources, and beyond our rich history to do you will discover a vibrant community filled with fantastic people, with great heart, a community of individuals that work together, people that care for each other in ways you can’t fathom and just an overwhelmingly friendly environment that fuels the seeds to help us grow tall and strong.

At the center of this amazing community is your Chamber of Commerce, our Mission is simple:

To promote and foster our community assets, and to lead, collaborate, advocate and empower our community in ways we could not imagine.

For us here at the Chamber of Commerce, it’s all about people, and making valuable connections that foster the growth and sustainability of our growing community, including every part of the County and our 8 incorporated towns and cities. Each day we focus on Business, Community, Education & Tourism, and we ask ourselves 1 simple question, is our next step going to provide value to our members.

As we step forward, our vision is very clear, your Chamber of Commerce will be the driving force for Caldwell County and just remember that Together we are Stronger!

Moving forward will welcome new and exciting plans for you as a resident or a visitor and for our business community, including a revamped look at Chamber networking events, the introduction of new Lunch and Learn events that will help every business, expand their acumen in all areas of HR, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Training, IT, Safety, Security, Social media and much more! You will see the launch of the Google Leadership Series, we will host a new Business Expo, and we will sprinkle in a little fun along the way. We will launch new platforms to empower our youth and catch them early beginning at 8th grade, and we will provide new and exciting ways to elevate our non-profit & faith-based community because they are the foundation of caring that makes this a wonderful place to live. We will see the launch of FUEL for young leaders, and we will be driven to give our members a platform of advocacy with a loud voice for the critical issues that may impact our future.

If you haven’t joined us already, it’s not too late, jump on the Caldwell Express for success!

Bryan Moore
Caldwell Chamber of Commerce

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