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Caldwell Chamber

Open Leads Group 

Welcome, you are invited to join us, no matter your business, or business type.

Chamber members are always welcome to connect, share and grow your business.

The value point of this group is based on sharing of information to help others.

Our group has something to offer if you are:


  • A business looking to enter new markets
  • Transitioning your career or job
  • An entrepreneur Starting a new business
  • An account executive with sales goals
  • A retiree wanting to “stay in the game.”
  • A business owner looking for referrals
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The key requirements to participate are:

1. Show up regularly & stay involved

2. Bring business leads to share with others

3. Be helpful and make introductions for others in the group.

4. Support group members by providing information & referrals

5. Maintain your Chamber membership in good standing

Weekly Agenda:

  • Welcome
  • Chamber Updates - New Member Announcements
  • Review of LinkedIn Leads
  • Rotating 10 Minute Presentation Option for members ( 1 Per Week)
  • Round Table Lead Sharing (Be prepared with your elevator speech)
  • Business Card Exchange
  • After Meeting Connections

Join us at the next meeting.  We meet weekly on Thursday Mornings

TIME: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

LOCATION:  The Caldwell Chamber

GPS: 1909 Hickory Blvd., SE, Lenoir NC 28645.

Free Coffee is always available

Join our LinkedIn Group

Our LinkedIn Group is an exclusive option only available to those actively participating in The Open Leads Group.

Active participants will gain access to HOT leads and valuable information just by regularly attending the in-person group.

Group members share information, they discover ways to help each other grow, and develop a pipeline for success.

Come and see what we can do for you.


Brandy Eby

Brandy Eby Card 2

Richard Hedrick

Richard Headrick Card 2

Peggy Thompson

Legacy Member
Peggy Thompson Card 2

John Miller

John Miller Card 2

Ashli Kemo

Ashli Kemo Card 2

Leah Harrelson

Leah Harrelson Card 2

Stephen Starnes

Stephen Starnes - Card

Zan Thompson

Zan Thompson - Card 2

Josh Anthony

Josh Anthony - Card

Wil Barber

Wil Barber Card

Michael Richey

Michael Richey Card

Sam Morgan

Sam Morgan - Card

Kristina Conatser

Kristina Conaster - Card

Leighanna Taylor

Leighanna Taylor - Card

Sara Baxter

Sara Baxter - Card

Angela Holiday

Angela Holiday Card

Sue Galloway

Sue Galloway Card

Jim Engelman, Sr.

Jim Engleman Card

Ben Watson

Kristin King

Kristin K - Card

Daniel Powell

Daniel Powell Spectrum Enterprise

Dyana Scholz

Dyana Scholz Payroll Plus

Andrew Ortiz

Andrew Ortiz CWW

Carl Beardsworth

Carl Beardsworth FCB

Join us this Thursday and We'll be glad to get you connected.

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