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The Caldwell Chamber of Commerce aims to provide exceptional and personalized customer service to the community, across all industries and business sizes. As the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce expands it's reach in Caldwell County and beyond, our goal is to make more strong, lasting, and positive relationships with members of our business community.

These testimonials have been generously provided by individuals in the community that we have had the pleasure to work with.


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Andrea Walshak

"The Caldwell Chamber of Commerce is an incredible advocate for ALL local business. I love investing in this organization who works so tirelessly to help businesses grow and thrive in challenging times. Bryan Moore has been a tremendous asset to the Chamber. His personal knowledge of sales and marketing is a benefit to all its members. I highly recommend joining this awesome organization. Your business will be blessed!"

-Andrea B. Walshak from The Rock Solid Solution

Brett Yates

"I have worked with multiple chamber organizations in NC and the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce stands out above the rest!  I have been an Ambassador before and been met with many objections for reasons why a business cannot join a Chamber. In a nutshell, people always ask, “what does the chamber do for me?”  It is not about what they do.  It is about what avenues it provides.  I use the analogy: The Chamber is like a system of roads.  You are the car. "

"If you drive on their roads you are going to pass people.  I know it seems basic or elementary, but it is the truth.  Being involved with your chamber gives you the opportunity to network and educate other business owners about your business and vice versa. People at these events could always   be a potential customer. Your business could fill a need.  They more than likely know people that have the same need that could be a potential customer as well.  If you are not planning on being  involved, then you should not join but if you are involved and taking every opportunity available to meet people that it is well worth the minor investment."

 -Brett Yates from SkyLine SkyBest

Shellie Robins Nest.v1

“I want to tell you and Bryan how grateful I am for the hard work you both do to promote non-profits in Caldwell County! We have never before seen such a great benefit to being Chamber members as we have seen since Bryan came on board and we couldn't be more proud! Thank you!”

-Shellie Bowlin with The Robin’s Nest Children’s Advocacy Center of Caldwell County

apparel authority

"As a small business owner, it is critical to be able to measure a return on my investments.  I am constantly evaluating where I am investing my money.  Without hesitation I can say that my membership in the Caldwell Chamber is an investment that continues to show returns."

"The Chamber is more of a partnership, the entire staff are genuinely interested in my company's continued growth and success.  Their commitment to not only me, but to all the Chamber members as well as our community is without bounds.  We are all better because of the passion they have for us as individuals and for our community as a whole.  I want to be part of this Chamber as together we continue to do great things."

-Peggy Thompson with Apparel Authority


telco credit union

"They are so friendly and helpful. They are honest, hardworking family group that truly cares to support, help and guide you."

-Ashley Clopton with Telco Community Credit Union 

Michael Richey Pro Pic.

"Faith is very knowledgeable in the community and a great asset to the chamber. She is extremely helpful with local opportunities."

-Michael Richey with SERVPRO of Alexander, Burke, Catawba, Caldwell, and Iredell Counties

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